Core - Yoke

Core - Yoke


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Part Number:RG129111 Manufacturer: Aqua Lung

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When comparing performance with price, Core bubbles up to the top. Rated as superior on the Ansti breathing machine and equipped with our unique Comfo-Bite mouthpiece, this feature-rich winner is the best value of any regulator on the market. Comes standard with Aqualung's patented auto-closure device (ACD) for sealing water out.


First Stage
  • Models                                        Yoke, DIN, Supreme Yoke, Supreme DIN
  • Type of first stage                   Balanced diaphragm design
  • Auto-Closure Device (ACD)    Yes
  • Number of HP ports                2
  • Number of MP ports                4
  • 1st Stage Flow Rate                1450 l/min
  • 1st Stage Weight in DIN        510 g
  • 1st Stage Weight in Yoke        700 g
  • Environmental Dry Kit            On Supreme model only
  • First stage exterior                Chrome over marine brass
Second Stage
  • Type of second stage                                    Pneumatically balanced
  • Controls                                                            Venturi switch
  • Breathing resistance                                     Preset
  • Mouthpieces                                                  2ea. – A Comfo-Bite, installed, and a standard with bite wings in the box
  • Lip shield                                                        On Supreme models only
  • Heat Exchanger for freezing resistance    Standard on all models
  • 2nd Stage Weight                                            175 g
  • 2nd Stage Weight – Supreme model            178 g
  • Hose length                                                        730 mm
  • Overall work of breathing (WOB) scores       Avg. 0.80 joules/liter
  • Nitrox compatible                                             Yes, to 40% O2 when new, out of the box


First Stage
  • Auto-Closure Device 
    • Prevents corrosive water out of the first-stage inlet by automatically closing as the core is removed from the cylinder valve. This prevents internal lubrication from washing away and is safer for higher proportions of oxygen
  • Balanced Diaphragm 
    • A balanced diaphragm provides superior, consistent performance
  • Yoke or DIN 
    • Available in yoke (3,300psi/232 bar max.) or DIN (4,350psi/300 bar max.)
  • HP/MP Ports and "T" Shape 
    • 2 HP ports (7/16”) and 4 MP ports (3/8”), perfectly oriented in a “T” shape for streamlined hose positioning, reduced exhalation effort, and sending bubbles out of your field of view
  • Up to EAN 40 
    • Compatible with up to EAN 40 right out of the box
Second Stage
  • Comfo-Bite 
    • Comfo-Bite mouthpiece is soft yet sturdy and reduces jaw fatigue with its unique palate bridge
  • Pneumatically Balanced 
    • Pneumatically balanced for smooth, easy breathing
  • Venturi Knob 
    • Easy control: the in-line ergonomic Venturi knob lets you make precise adjustments, even while wearing gloves

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