Express - ML(8-9) - Black/Blue

Express - ML(8-9) - Black/Blue


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Part Number:FA155121 Manufacturer: Aqua Lung Color: BLK/BLU

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Goodbye, surface...with the efficiency of the Express, you can stay submerged until you forget the rest of the world exists. Its armadillo hinge of grooved elastic material at the base of the blade absorbs energy during the power stroke and releases it at the end of the kick cycle. You'll go farther with reduced strain on your legs and feet. Made in Italy


Style Full Foot
Power Technology Yes
Travel-Friendly Yes



  • Armadillo PowerOur Armadillo Hinge at the blade base absorbs energy on the downstroke and releases it on the upstroke, giving you a power boost on every kick.
  • Responsive Blade MaterialThe Express blade uses a customized, highly flexible techno-polymer material that aids in acceleration.
  • Full-Pocket DesignHigh comfort, no booties required. Full-pocket fins give you increased perception of your kicks effect on the water. Foot pocket is made of soft material of varying elasticity for comfort and efficiency.
  • HydrodynamicThe rubber side ribs channel water down the length of the fin to reduce drag and maximize the efficiency of your kick.
  • Reduced StrainWhy strain your foot with unnecessary bending when the fin can do the dirty work? This fin's mid-foot flex joint attaches the blade to the side of the foot pocket to aid in energy transfer and reduce strain on your ankles and toes.
  • No-Slip SoleUnderside has excellent grip to reduce the risk of slipping on deck.

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