League 420 Light - Black

League 420 Light - Black


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Part Number:TRIDENT TEC-7BK Manufacturer: TRIDENT

Meet our best selling dive light: the League.

An ergonomic angled head and featherweight design create a perfectly balanced underwater flashlight. The League even feels good enough in hand to become your favorite on dry land, too. 420 focused lumens are packed into the durable body, providing impressive output for it’s compact size.

The oversized operating switch is usable and lockable with just your thumb, even with cold, wet hands or in heavy gloves helping you to ensure that the light does not turn on accidentally while packed away.


POWER - 420 Lumens

LAMP - 1 Maxbright LED

BURN TIME - 14 hours

BATTERIES - 4 AA Alkaline

WEIGHT - 7oz / 203g


WARRANTY - Lifetime

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