ProVision - Aqua

ProVision - Aqua


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Part Number:0200-003200-06 Manufacturer: Indigo Color: Aqua Size: NA


The  PROVANTAGE scuba diving mask provides divers with an unrestricted, wide field of view frame with remarkable comfort.  The position of the mask gives divers a lower volume profile for excellent visibility while making mask clearing easy.  The ProVantage utilizes a high grade of skin-soft silicone, making this one of the MOST comfortable masks, plus it results in an outstanding seal that molds to your face.   Indigo’s exclusive high-tension buckle ensures your mask stays in place for years to come.  Indigo’s masks provide exceptional quality, plus a 4-year warranty backs them.  Best warranty in the Scuba Industry! 

Why buy Provision Scuba Mask?



One of THE most universal masks in the industry.  The skirt was designed by a facial recognition engineer.  It provides an OUTSTANDING seal for reduced leakage.  

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The mask is designed with Ultra-Soft silicone skirt.  One-touch of this mask, and your face will be in love!  Plus, it features a contour skirt angel for reduced facial fatigue (red ring around the face).  The silicone molds to your face for a perfect seal. 

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This mask has optional clip on correctives lens in plus and minus options.  Only $29.95 a pair. 

+ 1.5                    - 2.0

+ 2.0                    - 2.5

+ 3.0                    - 3.0

+ 3.5                    - 4.0

+ 4.0                    - 5.0

                             - 6.0


Easily change your prescription yearly or if you need two different # or + /- for each eye.

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The Provision scuba mask is designed using high-quality materials, including a durable and robust quick tension buckle with a dual release that will not loosen over time, ultra-clear lens, and polycarbonate clip-on lens.            PLUS 4-YEAR WARRANTY.

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