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Part Number:0300-010100-01 Manufacturer: Indigo Color: Black

The Revolver Snorkel is the first of its kind.  The truly unique part of the snorkel is the Indigo MATIC quick connect and release system.  The MATIC connect clasp allows divers to remove the attached snorkel to the mask at any time with ease.



  • MATIC quick attach and release system from the mask
  • Distinct click sound lets the diver know the snorkel is attached to the mask 
  • Revolutionary release system fixes the awkwardness of dealing with a snorkel all together 
  • Intelligent purge valve makes it easy to clear
  • The relaxed flex tube provides for outstanding comfort
  • Semi-dry design to significantly reduce water intrusion
  • Stylish design - classic black to match everything
  • Easily adaptable to most masks 

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